Friday, 14 January 2011


Sikka is from Anasikka.

Anasikka = Anas + ikka

ikka = big brother

Anasikka   = Anas big brother

Sikka is the short form for Anasikka! My beloved ones: friends and family back in India call me Sikka...

ARJun - short form for Anas Rahman Junaid! Thanks to Anurag for coining the name!

Sikka-ARJun connects my past to the future. This blog will report the key turning events of my life since MBA.

Name - not so creative, I know! But fate definitely is creative - precisely the reason why this blog is going to be interesting....

Luv you all!
Sikka/ Arjun

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  1. Ayyada! Sikka/Arjun. Thaan aaruva? :)

    Keep posting Anasikka, also get on twitter!